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January 2, 2024

Graphic Design

5 Signs You Need a Brand Refresh

Let's start with a visual. I want you to gather your logo, and also gather 9 other logos from competitors in your area. If you were to randomize the order, would your clients be able to spot your logo in a chart within 10 seconds?

If not, odds are you need to update your branding.

Your brand is the face of your company, and its impact can significantly influence how customers view you. The world is constantly evolving, and your business has to be able to keep up. We aren't saying do a full brand revamp whenever a new trend comes to life, but rather we're encouraging you to build a brand that is meant to last. Here's a breakdown of some scenarios that indicate it's time for a brand refresh.

Outdated Visuals:

Your brand visuals are the first impression customers have of your business. If your logo, color scheme, or overall design looks outdated compared to contemporary trends, it might be sending the wrong message. A fresh and modern look can capture attention and convey a sense of innovation.

As I mentioned previously, this doesn't mean revamping your logo with every new trend.

The big focus starts with websites. If it looks like it was built with Microsoft Paint, it'll make your brand feel incompetent and not in the present. If your vehicle wraps are fading and burning into the paint below it, it's time for a rewrap.

If you're sticking to a vintage logo, that's perfectly fine, but you're going to have to lean into it so it fits your company image. To learn more about branding, check our blog on Design Consistency.

Shifting Target Audience:

Consumer preferences change over time, and so does your target audience. If your brand was originally designed to appeal to a certain demographic that has since evolved, it's essential to reassess your brand messaging. A brand refresh can help realign your image with the interests and values of your current customer base.

This doesn't mean target the same Boomers or the same millennials, but instead figure out what current demographic you are performing best with, and lean into it. This doesn't require a new logo, doesn't require a new website or a new car wrap. Instead, workshop your company voice and how it presents itself on social platforms and on the website. Writing formally on everything might work great with an older generation, but when it comes to Gen Z and Millenials, you'er going to have to switch up your references or start using slang like "L Ratio".

Bad example I know, but you get the gist.

Inconsistent Branding:

Consistency is key when it comes to branding. If your messaging, visuals, or tone of voice vary across different platforms or materials, it can create confusion.

So time to look at all your assets. Go ahead, I'll give you some time.

If your car wrap and website clash too much, it's time for a brand refresh.

A brand refresh allows you to establish a cohesive and unified identity, reinforcing your brand message and making it easily recognizable. Lean in to the vintage aesthetic, lean into a bold minimal design, lean into even a funky font. Whatever you chose to do, make sure it's consistent on your vehicle wrap, website, business card, social media, heck even your company gear.

Competitive Landscape Shifts:

As industries evolve, so does the competition. If your competitors are updating their brands to better align with current trends or consumer demands, it might be time for you to do the same.

Might be.

Here's devil's advocate. If all your competitors are changing their branding drastically, keep your brand going a while longer. If you have a strong presence, compared to the newer logos your competitors are using, you're suddenly carrying authority from your established brand.

It's also a curse.

If your brand looks like it was made in the 1990s, it might not have brand authority, but instead it'll look like you can't keep up with modern times and you're using old techniques. It's a double edge sword, so play it wisely.

A refreshed brand can help you stay competitive and stand out in a crowded marketplace, and help you build a brand identity from scratch if it isn't cohesive.

Business Evolution:

If your company has undergone significant changes, such as expanding product lines, entering new markets, or adopting a different mission, your brand should reflect these transformations. A brand refresh ensures that your image accurately represents the current state and goals of your business.

Simple enough right?

If you have any questions, our branding gurus can help you out, all you gotta do is reach out.  The pros at Elite Tinting and Graphics are here to help out.