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November 2, 2023

Graphic Design

Adapting your brand design for multiple platforms

With the world in the digital age, it is important for businesses to try and leverage multiple different kinds of media platforms and devices to maximize their reach for a larger audience. When you look at what a strong brand is, you realize that they have multiple different media platforms across the internet. This is going to include computers, tablets, and even mobile phones. This is to help international growth and to make sure that they maintain relevance in a forever-changing market. With different advertising revenues changing every day, different companies are doing their best to redefine themselves and keep up as much as possible.




With the state the world is in today, companies are going to have to have a consistent brand image across all platforms to help establish a strong and noticeable brand identity. They should have the goal of fostering long-term customer relationships and loyalty. This is going to require designing and adapting your branding for all types of platforms, such as web and mobile. Each of these platforms can have numerous challenges.


Users are going to expect a consistent experience across different platforms. Designing for multiple platforms ensures that users can navigate your page while also being able to use your product regardless of what device they are on. This is going to help you have a wider reach, which in turn will help you acquire a wider audience. When you make your product available on different platforms, you are, in turn, attracting users who are going to prefer one platform compared to another.

Differences in platforms


When you are marketing on different platforms, you need to understand the characteristics that are unique to each specific platform. If you are able to master this, then you are going to be able to create some powerful messaging. It will also help you establish a strong identity across every platform you use. Web and mobile platforms are going to have unique characters that are supposed to be considered when you are trying to design for them. Web platforms are going to be viewed on larger screens and are interactive, while if we look at mobile platforms, they target a smaller screen, which can lead to simplified designs.



An effective strategy for helping maintain consistency across all platforms is to keep the design assets filed and organized. You want to be able to consistently use the visual identity across all platforms, and you don’t want to lose any of the files or programs that you are using. A great example of a brand that maintains consistency across different platforms is Coca-Cola. Almost everybody around the world knows that when they see a red and white color scheme, it is going to be Coca-Cola. You also see them using the phrase “Taste the Feeling” everywhere to help evoke a sense of excitement and even refreshment. Their tone consistently remains approachable and optimistic.

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