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September 11, 2023

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Get Ready For The Winter With Paint Protection Film

Winter is coming! Well, within the next few months or so.

Our job is to prepare you for what’s coming next. That beautiful but dangerous snow that blankets all of Duluth, MN. While snow tires and antifreeze are common preparations for your car, there's one essential addition that's often underestimated – Paint Protection Film (PPF). Let’s talk about why it’s an invaluable asset for your vehicle.

Defense Against Duluth’s Winter Elements

Duluth winters bring heavy snowfall, icy roads, and liberal use of road salt. The end result? Your car will begin to rust up at an accelerated rate, causing irreversible damage that can add up quickly in repair costs.

PPF acts as a resilient shield, forming an invisible barrier between your vehicle and the corrosive substances Duluth uses to combat winter conditions. It keeps your car's finish intact, preventing unsightly rust spots and damage caused by salt and ice.

So if snow and ice freezes onto your car, when you scrape it off, you won’t be scratching your car’s paint, you’ll merely be applying pressure to the thick paint protection film protecting your car.

Any pebbles you may stumble upon during your drive clashing against your vehicle will not cause any paint chips or scratches as well, and you’ll still preserve the pristine color of your vehicle.

PPF also simplifies the cleaning process, thanks to its smooth surface that resists contaminants. A quick wash can restore your car's shine, ensuring it looks great even in the heart of a Duluth winter.

Long Term Savings & Preserving Resale Value

While investing in PPF initially may seem like a significant expense, consider the costs associated with repairing or repainting your car's exterior due to winter-related damage in Duluth. Depending on which package you get from the Elite Installers, PPF can dramatically reduce these expenses or completely nullify them, and extend the lifespan of your vehicle's paint job, making it a financially wise choice over time.

Not only that, but because you are taking the preemptive measures to take care of your car, when it comes time to sell it, you can rip off the paint protection film, and you’ll be back to near factory new condition, regardless of Duluth’s hard weather.

As the winter season descends upon Duluth, MN, it's essential to equip your vehicle for the unique challenges it presents. Paint Protection Film (PPF) emerges as an invaluable asset in your winter car care arsenal, providing robust protection against Duluth's elements, impact resistance, and a peace of mind like no other. It not only shields your vehicle's exterior but also saves you money in the long run and maintains your car's resale value.

For Duluth's winter warriors, consider PPF as your ultimate shield against the season's challenges, ensuring your car conquers winter while looking its best, and make sure to reach out to Elite Tinting and Graphics if you have any questions. We’re all ears!