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November 3, 2023

Graphic Design

Logo Design Mistakes To Avoid

If you own a business, you know that it's important to have a logo. Logo design is an important thing to note when marketing your business. A logo's design is far more important than just looking good and feeling pretty. It plays a crucial role in your brand. The function of a great logo design is to not only represent your brand values but also communicate to your customers what your business or brand is about. Let’s go over some things you should avoid when designing a logo so that you can create a professional and relevant logo for your business.



When you are looking at logos, you want to make sure that they are easy to read and completely legible. You have to think about the fact that someone will only see your logo for a few seconds. This means that you will only have that much time to make sure the client memorizes or recognizes your brand. You can have a great design and make it really eye-catching, but if your customer can’t read your name or read your logo, then the customer will not want to interact with your brand at all. You need to make sure that your name is easy to read.


This also plays into what font you are using; if your logo is hard to read, you should consider changing the font you are using. Font pairing is crucial when you are designing your logo. Every font has its own meaning and character. You can have a nice, bold, and strong logo, or maybe a nice, thin, and elegant font. That is why you should play around with your font combination to find one that fits best with your message and your brand's values.



It is always important to do research on how you are going to make your brand look and stand out, but one step you should always research and make an important step in your research is how your logo or brand is going to look when scaled. You want to make sure your brand will be used on websites, social media, or even printed banners. If you want to ensure that your logo will look good on just about any scale, you can create different logo variations that depend on the scale more or less. You can add more or less detail depending on the space that it is placed in, and try to use less detailed versions of your logo when you plan on putting it in smaller spaces.



When designing and thinking about your logo, make sure that you don't follow trends. Trends are constantly changing, which means that your brand can look outdated in a year. Social media is forever evolving; what looks good one day will be outdated within a week. Trends are great to look for when thinking about marketing, but they have little to no use when it comes to your brand and creating your logo.


With this, don't forget to ask for opinions. It's crucial to ask what other people think of your logo design. Your logo may have a specific meaning that's special to you, but you are going to make sure that people are also able to see that message or hidden meaning. The opinions you get from your customers can really help you find your true voice, even if you think you've got it down perfectly. An important thing to note is that just because something works doesn't mean it can’t be improved.

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