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March 13, 2024

Vinyl Wrap

Make Your Car Stand Out With A Color Change Vinyl Wrap

Hey you. Yes you! Fun fact, you don't need to take your car to a paint shop to change your car's color. We're able to create custom fun designs for your, or fully wrap your vehicle in a completely different color that mirrors your personality.

As we hinted, we're able to completely alter your vehicle's appearance through solid colors or patterns in mate or gloss,  or we're able to have our graphic designers work side by side with you to create a work of art on your vehicle - enough to break necks on the road! Elite Tinting And Graphics does not condone violence on the road, in case that wasn't obvious.

With the help of Elite Tinting & Graphics' experts or by diving into a do-it-yourself project, you can cloak your vehicle in a fresh, vibrant vinyl wrap that reflects your unique style and preference.

Whether you’re in Duluth, Minnesota, searching for a "car wrap near me," or anywhere else, discovering the perfect wrap for your car has never been easier.

The Magic Behind Color Change

If you're anything like me, you're regretting having gotten that white car instead of the metallic red at the dealership, or you're just daydreaming about what could've been if you went for a vibrant color vs. the usual boring palette.

The idea of a car paint job seems out of reach, either because of the cost, or because of the fear of it being permanent and you changing your mind after a year or two.

This is where the enchantment of color change wraps comes into play, offering a spectrum of hues that can be as bold or as subtle as you desire, all with an easy install, being cost effective, and also being able to remove it if you change your mind.

We're going to dive right into it, and overwhelm you with the different possibilities, to narrow down what not only catches your eyes, but will continue winning your heart years after the install. Not just that, we'll go over the proper prosses of taking care of your vehicle wrap to ensure it lasts.

Elite Tinting & Graphics in Duluth, Minnesota, has been in the industry for over three decades, guiding car enthusiasts through the process with expertise in wrap for cars, ensuring that every vinyl wrap showcases our premium quality.

Start With Choosing the Right Color That Reflects Your Style

I know we keep referencing our style throughout this article, but it may not apply for you. Some of you may come in with your mind made up you want a space grey color wrap for your tesla model Y, and we'll make sure you get the look you wat. For those looking for more help, we've got your back!

We've got swatches, we've got calibrated printers, we've got everything you need to help make a decision towards the car wrap color.

You gotta relflect with yourself - who am I? No need to go that deep, but choosing the right color for your car wrap begins with understanding your personal style and how you wish to express it through your vehicle. Whether you're attracted to the sophistication of matte black, the vibrancy of neon green, or the warmth of a sunset orange, the color you select makes a statement about your identity and values. It's more than just a hue; it's a reflection of your unique persona on the road.

I'm going to use my personal car as an example. I loved red, and made it my car's color, but the more I drove it, and the more I dove into my personal style, the more I realized that I wanted the car to stand out more to showcase my creativity, causing me to go for a matte neon green wrap that stood out in the crowd.

I got a lot of compliments to say the least.

Here at Elite Tinting & Graphics, the journey to finding that perfect custom color for your vehicle is met with enthusiasm and expertise. We've got a ton of color swatches available at our front desk or if you have a favorite color pantone, we are able to print that out for your custom car wrap.

We know navigating through the vast palette of vinyl wrap options can be overwhelming, so our team in Duluth, Minnesota, helps simplify the process. We'll make sure to go over everything with you, show you mockups , and smooth out the process so you can be happy with how your car turns out - a mobile masterpiece that turns heads every time you drive by.

Learn About the Durability and Maintenance of Wraps

Understanding the durability of wraps is key to keeping your vehicle looking its best. High-quality wraps from reputable places like Elite Tinting & Graphics are designed to withstand the elements, resisting fade from the sun and damage from weather over time. They're built tough, yet the longevity largely depends on the care they receive.

Maintenance for your wrap is straightforward, ensuring its longevity and vibrancy. Regular washing with mild detergent and water will keep it looking fresh, while avoiding harsh chemicals. For those in Duluth, Minnesota seeking 'car wrap near me', consulting with professionals like us at Elite Tinting & Graphics can provide tailored advice on preserving the premium look of your vinyl wrap. It all varies depending on the laminate used and the vinyl manufacturer.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying a Color Change Wrap

Transforming your car with a color change wrap requires meticulous preparation and skill, ensuring the final appearance is as striking and flawless as the vision you hold. Of if you happen to have the patience of a saint, give it a try. Might take you a couple of days, but you'll feel god about the end product, havin done it yourself. Call that bragging rights to your friends.

The journey begins with getting your vehicle ready for its makeover, involving a comprehensive cleaning process to remove any dirt and grime.

Following this step, the precise task of measuring and cutting the vinyl wrap material takes center stage. I recommend getting a roll wih extra length by 20 feet, just in case you mess up a couple pannels.

It's these initial steps that lay the groundwork for a smooth and successful application, promising an outcome that will make your car stand out.

Prep Your Car for Wrapping by Cleaning It Thoroughly

I know we're talking about cleaning in his section, but one thing you need to check during your cleaning process is to make sure there aren't any rust spots or any dents. Dents you can wrap over, but they will be accented during the install and will require a lot of heat to make the wrap warp to the shape. Rust on the other hand, you aren't able to wrap over as it will cause the material to fail pretty early in its' lifespan. We would recommend taking it to a body shop and getting the rust buffed out or getting the dents taken out before continuing with the wrap.

Now to focus on the most boring but easiest part of the job: thoroughly cleaning your car. This means going beyond a simple wash, and ensuring every nook and cranny is free of dirt, grease, and any other contaminants that could prevent the wrap from adhering properly. the more detailed you are, the closer to a flawless finish you'll get.

After the deep clean, allowing your vehicle to dry completely before the actual wrap application begins. Any moisture trapped under the vinyl can lead to imperfections, diminishing the overall quality and durability of the wrap. Depending on your wrap material, it might have air release, but never rely on the material to cover for you. This hardwork will pay off, I can promise you that. That is, if you don't tap out of the next step.

Measure and Cut the Wrap Material Accurately

Measuring and cutting the wrap material with precision is a the next imortant step in ensuring that your car’s transformation is seamless. Ths is pobly when you'll be thankful you ordered more material than you needed.

Once the measurements are accurately taken, the cutting process requires a steady hand and a keen eye for detail. The way our professionals in Duluth, Minnesota, do it, is lining up the material against the body of the vehicle, and cutting to seperate the doors from the A/C pilars, and working with one section at a time. Take your time, it'll be a breeze if you measure twice and cut once.

Installing The Material

I'm not gonna sugar coat it. You're going to hate your life. You're going to want to rip off the material and cry yourself to sleep.

It takes a lot of patience to instal vinyl wraps. Grab a heat gun, get yourself a squegee with felt, and work on the panels one by one. Start with the hood, it's the easiest part to work on, and heat where you need to stretch the material so it matches the curves and warps of the hood. Slow and steady wins the race. The material is forgiving, you're able to lift it up and reheat it s it reverts back to the original shape and stickiness, just don't burn the material or do this repeatedly.

The Most Popular Color Wrap Choices in 2024

Let's pull back from the tears you shed, and focus up on some popular choices we've seen around the Duluth / Superior Lake Area

As trends evolve, so does the popularity of various color change wraps. We've really gone away with bright vibrant colors, but instead are leaning more towards textures like carbon fiber, and underlays on the vinyl to give a matte color or gloss color depth with a custom design.

Car enthusiast are leaning more towards the simplicity and subtlety look of matte wraps, that give a modern look, and set them apart from all the vehicles on the road since they are primarily glossy.

Metallic Car Wraps That Turn Heads

Metallic and chrome wraps have surged in popularity, captivating both car enthusiasts and casual onlookers with their nice shine.

Heads up, if you're planning on installing a metallic or chrome wrap yourself, you're going to have to be very careful, too much heat can burn off the texture and shine from the wrap, causing it to mismatch across the body of the vehicle.

Especially appealing are the deeper tones such as metallic blues and rich silvers, which have the unique ability to change hues under different lighting conditions. This chameleon effect ensures your car not only stands out during the day but also maintains its mesmerizing presence under the night sky, leaving a lasting impression on all who see it.

That includes you, it's like driving a whole new car every single time you look at the sun hitting it from a different angle.

Matte Finishes for a Sleek, Modern Look

Matte wraps for cars have rapidly become a sought-after choice for drivers looking to project a modern, understated aesthetic. Their non-reflective surface offers a unique appeal that distinguishes any vehicle from the glossy finishes typically seen on the road. This contemporary style not only adds a layer of sophistication but also showcases the owner's preference for a more refined and elegant vehicle presentation.

The allure of matte finishes extends beyond their visual appeal, as they possess the incredible ability to hide minor imperfections such as scratches and dents, making them practical for daily drivers. Opting for a matte wrap transforms a car into a statement of sleek luxury, reflecting a trendsetting approach to automotive style that commands attention without the need for shimmer.

Again for those looking to install it by themselves, if you use too much heat on this material, you are going to turn it from a matte texture to a gloss finish.

Caring for Your Car’s New Color Wrap Properly

Ensuring your vehicle's color change wrap remains in pristine condition involves more than just your typical quick spray or running it through a car wash (please don't take it through the Mr. Clean or any car wash systems like that); it requires adopting a proactive maintenance routine.

Following our steps t safely wash your vehicle will ensure your wrap stays looking pristine and vibrant, rather than fading over time due to the natural elements. Also, understanding how to shield the wrap from potential scratches and the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure is essential in extending its life and maintaining its allure.

How to Wash Your Wrapped Vehicle Safely

Start by using a soft, clean sponge or cloth and a mild, soap-free cleaning solution to gently wipe down the surface. This method helps prevent any abrasive materials from scratching the vinyl wrap, ensuring the colors remain vibrant and the finish stays intact.

Rinsing your car thoroughly with water after washing is equally important to remove any soap residue that might dull the wrap's shine. It's best to avoid high-pressure washes, as the force can peel or damage the edges of the wrap. Instead, opt for a gentle flow of water to keep your vehicle's wrap looking as striking as the day it was applied.

No car wash subscriptions anymore, you cancel those. If you don't feel comfortable to wash it without damaging it, feel free to reach out to local detailers in the Duluth area to get peace of mind while they clean.

Tips on Protecting the Wrap From Scratches and Sun Damage

Regularly parking in shaded areas or indoors can significantly reduce the exposure of the vinyl wrap to harsh UV rays, preserving its vibrant colors and preventing premature fading. For scratch prevention, adopting a gentle touch during cleaning and using soft microfiber towels can make a world of difference, ensuring the wrap's surface remains unblemished and smooth.

Applying a high-quality protective sealant to the wrap offers an additional layer of defense against environmental hazards, including the sun's damaging effects and potential scrapes. This sealant acts as an invisible shield, enhancing the wrap's durability and maintaining its glossy or matte finish. Vehicle owners should consider professional application of this protective layer shortly after the wrap is installed, safeguarding their investment and keeping the vehicle’s appearance striking and vivid.

DIY vs. Professional Wrap Application - What’s Best?

When it comes to applying a color change wrap, car owners often wonder whether to take on the project themselves or to seek out the expertise of professionals. The allure of a DIY project is strong, promising not only a sense of accomplishment but also potential savings on labor costs.

However, the skills and precision required for a flawless wrap application should not be underestimated as I've hinted throughout this post. Here at Elite Tinting & Graphics, located in Duluth, Minnesota, Phil Birdseye, Mark Pucel, and our other installers have years of experience specializing in car wraps, bringing a level of expertise and equipment that DIY enthusiasts often lack.

Most professional wrapers have access to premium materials and utilize advanced techniques that ensure the vinyl conforms perfectly to every contour of the vehicle, avoiding the bubbles or misalignments that can detract from the wrap's appearance. Their experience allows them to deliver custom color finishes with a level of precision that is challenging to achieve in a home garage setting.

Ultimately, choosing between DIY and professional wrap application boils down to factors like budget, time, and the level of quality desired. However, for those looking to achieve a standout effect with their vehicle, the superior finish guaranteed by professionals like Elite Tinting & Graphics often makes them the preferred choice.

One other thing to consider is just how you would feel doing the work. If you have the grit behind it, give it a shot. It might not look the best to an installer, but you can still achieve a great look for most people.

Choosing the best color change wrap for your car significantly impacts its appeal, letting it stand out as a reflection of your personality and style.

From selecting a unique color that resonates with your identity, to understanding the durability and maintenance of the wrap, every step plays a crucial role.

Elite Tinting & Graphics in Duluth, Minnesota, exemplifies how professional expertise ensures that each vehicle's transformation through wrapping is not only premium in quality but also in the precision of custom color matching.