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November 2, 2023

Vinyl Wrap

What Materials Can You Pick From When Getting A Car Wrap?

Getting a vehicle wrap is an easy way to change the color of your vehicle. Whether that's a full wrap or a partial wrap It is a wonderful way to add different types of graphics without having to hand-paint them. Most people get vehicle wraps for aesthetic benefits, but vehicle wraps have a lot of versatility and variety to them. In this blog, we are going to talk about the different types of vehicle wraps on the market.

Full Wrap

Let’s get the most common and well-known wrap out of the way first. As the name suggests, a full wrap covers the entire vehicle. Not only is it a lot cheaper than an entire paint job, but it is also reversible. Some people use a full wrap that is the same color as the color underneath; they do this to protect the real finish of the car from scratches and bumps. Full wraps tend to be a bit more expensive than partial wraps (as you could have guessed), but they tend to be the easiest to change the whole exterior of a vehicle. Sometimes people don't want to permanently change the color of their vehicle. The ability to simply change your mind and go back to whatever color you had before is appealing to many people.

Partial Wraps

Just like full wraps, a partial wrap is self-explanatory in its name. Partial wraps only cover a certain part of the vehicle. This tends to not be as popular a choice as a full wrap. This wrap is more for someone who wants a more subtle effect or if you don’t want to change the look of your vehicle that much. Partial wraps are most commonly used to cover the roof, hood, trunk, and doors. All of these make nice flat surfaces on which to put something nice.

Cast vinyl wraps

Cast vinyl is a self-adhesive vinyl wrap. Cast vinyl is usually used for vehicle wraps or other applications where you need a high-quality finish. Cast vinyl tends to be more expensive than calendered films due to the manufacturing process. Cast vinyl can be heated and stretched into a deep recess without any issues or problems. The ability to do this and form shapes makes cast vinyl the best option when dealing with vehicle wraps. It offers excellent durability and resistance to fading and is ideal for long-term wraps.


Calendered Vinyl Wraps

Calendering is one of the most common methods of producing vinyl films. This method uses pressure and temperature to create a vinyl that has a specific thickness and offers speedy films. These films are perfect for any general-purpose signage and are designed for short- to medium-term exposure applications. Calendered is a more economical option for car wraps and is best suited for short-term or temporary wraps.

Speciality Vinyl

Specialty vinyl includes materials such as

  1. Metallic
  2. Reflective
  3. Textured


Metallic vinyl wrap is a great option because it enhances the durability of the vinyl while offering greater protection. If you have ever seen sparkles like diamonds on a car, that would be a metallic vinyl wrap.

Reflective vinyl wraps are not just a great way to make your car look great and unique, but they also make it safer to drive in the dark. You will be more visible to other drivers at night. Reflective vinyl can be damaged easily but is also easy to handle.

Textured wrap is a film that comes in a wide variety of brands, finishes, and colors. It tends to have a rough texture and is not smooth to touch. This wrap is great for making your car look unique.


Perforated Vinyl

This vinyl is often used to make pictures and signs that are solid and bright when viewed from the outside. This material allows for one-way visibility, which is ideal for fleet vehicles that need to display information on the side while allowing passengers to still see out.


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