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November 2, 2023

Window Film

What Is Decorative Window Film?

If you have ever looked into renovating or updating your home, you know that the biggest issue is the cost. Renovations cost a great deal of money and take lots of energy to complete. Decorative window film is a simple, quick, and affordable way to give your home a nice makeover. But what exactly is decorative window film?

What is decorative film?

Decorative film is made from a versatile and durable material that applies with ease to any window or flat glass. Decorative window film doesn’t keep all of the natural light out, but it does obscure the view through your windows while also adding some visual interest. It does block out just enough light to reduce any harmful UV rays. Decorative window film provides a nice, subtle, game-changing upgrade to any home. Window film today can be made to mimic almost any expensive glass design that you can think of. Such as etched and frosted glass or colored or patterned glass.


There are a lot of benefits that come with decorative window film; one of the biggest is  increased privacy. People can see inside normal windows just as easily as they can see out of them. When you add some decorative window film, you can get the privacy you want. You can add it to the exterior windows and even cabinet doors that have a mess behind them. Decorative window film is a great choice for blocking the views that aren’t so scenic.

They also help boost your home's design; if you get colorful, matte, or frosted window film, it will help give your home a modern feel. Patterned and etched window film will help give your home that classic or regal look that you may prefer. Window film is going to help boost your home's look without breaking the bank.

Natural light is a top feature home buyers look for when buying a home. However, often times, they don’t think about what all that direct light will do on a daily basis. UV ray exposure can cause damage to our eyes and skin, as well as any furniture or interior fixtures. Decorative window film can help with this because it filters out some of the direct sunlight. It can make your home a safe place to live without dimming the natural light.

When you have a nice interior design, it balances everything from color and space to pattern and texture. When we try to think about the textures in interior design, we think about textiles. Such as carpeting, throws, and pillows. Natural materials like wood or stone will help add some visual and textural interest to your house. They will help make your home look more unified and sophisticated without creating chaos.

At Elite Tinting & Graphics, we use only the highest quality films to help ensure long-lasting performance and durability. Our team of experienced professionals can handle every aspect of the installation process. If you are looking to add a touch of style and practicality to your space. Contact us today to learn more about our decorative window film services.