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November 2, 2023

Graphic Design

What Is Digital Printing?

Printing companies are all over the world and have been around for a while. You have more than likely come across some companies that offer digital printing here and there. Some might be familiar with it and know what it is, but I'm sure there are a good number of people who have no idea what digital printing is or what it entails. Let’s dive into what digital printing means and what it is all about.



Let’s discuss what digital printing is really about. Digital printing refers to the types of methods of printing from a digital-based image. This is applied directly to a variety of different types of media. What this means is that it goes from your PDF file straight to the digital printer. You don’t need to create any plates or take as long to set up. The setup time is a fraction of what the normal time would take. Digital printing is great because it's used for professional printing, small-run jobs such as desktop publishing, and many other digital sources. These tend to be used more often with large-format, high-volume, or inkjet printer projects.


There are many benefits to digital printing, ranging from high-quality printing to lower costs. Digital printing is going to continue to grow in popularity. Technology is constantly getting better and improving, and with this, quality also improves. There are short turnaround times and lower costs while maintaining high-quality output. Digital printing is going to be the best solution for most of the projects you want to get done.

Another great benefit of getting digital prints done is the amount of customization you can have. There is no real permanent plate that you are going to have to deal with. So if there is a spelling or design error on the final printed product, the file can be modified before the print run continues. It is really nice that it is flexible in this way.



Digital printing is a great method of printing compared to all the other printing methods, but it does have its own drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks is that it is going to have a higher cost per page than other types of traditional printing methods. This price is commonly offset by avoiding any costs that require the setups needed for the printing plates. Another drawback that is worth noting is the fact that there could be a loss of some fine image detail in the digital printing process. Even if this is the case, the pros greatly outweigh any of the cons. As digital printing technology progresses further and further as time goes on, the difference in print quality between digital and analog is going to be far less.


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